Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing
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Effect of ZnDTP triboflim's morphology on friction behaviors of DLC coatings: Tribofilm characterization by 3D scanning electron microscope observation
Kouami Auxence Melardot ABOUANoritsugu UMEHARAHiroyuki KOUSAKATakayuki TOKOROYAMAMotoyuki MURASHIMAHaci Abdullah TASDEMIRYutaka MABUCHITsuyoshi HIGUCHI
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2018 年 12 巻 7 号 p. JAMDSM0129


ZnDTP antiwear additive for lubricating oil is known to absorb strongly on sliding surfaces in boundary lubricated tribosystems, forming a tribofilm, which is able to reduce the wear of involved surfaces. It is also known to increase the friction coefficient in most DLC/DLC contacts, with the exception of ta-C DLC / ta-C DLC contact, for which the difference in friction behaviors between a base oil + ZnDTP additive lubricated tribosystem and a base oil lubricated tribosystem is not very significant. In this study we investigate a characterization method of the shape of the tribofilm formed on different types of DLC coatings and on the relation between the shape of the tribofilm and the friction behavior of the related DLC coating. Results show that compared to other investigated DLC types, the tribofilm formed on ta-C DLC has some unique characteristic topography features that promote lower friction coefficient.

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