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A comparison between simulation and experiment of virtual machining in CNC turning machine considering kinematic motion deviations, tool wear and workpiece deflection errors
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 13 巻 1 号 p. JAMDSM0009


The virtual machining is one of the most important techniques to estimate the complex various machining parameters of machined parts before operating the real machining, in order to obtain the accuracy, precision and reliability. The objective of this present research was to propose a comparison between simulation model of the shape generation processes in the turning operations of the generated faces and real turning process experiments, based on the machining parameters, kinematic motion deviations, the inserted cutter geometries, tool wear and deflection of workpieces. The simulation of virtual machining in this turning process was applied to the verifications of the turned faces. The proposed model presented in this research was based on both the shape generation motions and the cutting tool geometries of turning processes. The individual motions were mathematically described by combining 4 by 4 transformation matrices including the kinematic motion deviations. A systematic method was also proposed to verify the 3D tolerances of cylindricity for the turned faces based on the simulation results. The real turning process was machined on a CNC turning center based on the design of experiments by using Taguchi approach, orthogonal array L9 (33), after that, the inspection of the cylindricity on a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) was performed. The results of the comparison confirmed that the simulation of virtual turning processes was similar to the actual turning processes, which was approximately different at 4.055 %.

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