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Comprehensive representation of feasible combinations of alternatives for dynamic production planning using Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram
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Volume 8 (2014) Issue 4 Pages JAMDSM0061

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The goal of the production-planning problem is to find the optimal solution from combinations that satisfy constraints. Traditionally, production-planning problems have been treated separately, due to the problem size and complex constraints, whereas the constraints in production planning spread to the entirety of production planning. For example, when the dynamic changes as machine breakdowns and new machine addition occur, a production plan should be modified with new constraints caused by these dynamic changes. Therefore, it is required to represent a set of solution candidates that satisfy constraints in production planning. Zero-Suppressed Binary Decision Diagram (ZDD) is a directed graph representation of Boolean function and can efficiently represent a set of combinations. This paper describes the validity of application of the ZDD to production planning to represent a set of solution candidates. Experimental results applied to a sample-planning problem demonstrate that the ZDD is efficiently used for production planning and for dealing with dynamic changes.

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