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The Psychological Processes of Women Who Underwent Cesarean Sections Experienced from during Pregnancy to One Month after Delivery: “Making Up My Mind to Have a Cesarean Section” and “Consenting to a Cesarean Section”
Aya Taniguchi Noriko OkuboMaki SaitoNatsuko HiroyamaFumi OdagakiJunko Misumi
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2014 Volume 34 Issue 1 Pages 94-102


Objectives: This study aimed to theoretically explain the psychological processes of women who underwent cesarean sections experienced from during pregnancy to one month after delivery and to determine influential factors for providing appropriate nursing care.
Methods: Semi-structured interviews with 18 Japanese women who had undergone cesarean sections were analyzed using a grounded theory approach in order to construct a theory.
Results: Women who had undergone cesarean sections could make up their minds to have cesarean sections through the process of “preparing for a cesarean section.” They could also consent to cesarean sections through “finding meaning in a cesarean section.” However, there were factors inhibiting or promoting these two psychological processes, which often began with an “awareness of a possibility of a cesarean section.” “Being afraid of surgery” and “still feeling attached to a natural birth” were inhibiting factors, while interactions with health care workers and other women who had had cesarean sections were promoting factors. The process of “finding meaning in a cesarean section” continued after delivery. An emergency cesarean section sometimes meant that a woman could not complete both of these processes. In such cases, a woman would follow the process of “finding meaning in a cesarean section” after delivery, in order to arrive at a point where she could consent to one.
Discussion: Based on the dual process theory of “making up my mind to have a cesarean section” and “consenting to a cesarean section,” nursing interventions that accelerate the two psychological processes were suggested.

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