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A Historical Study on the Modern Dentistry in Japan
: Dynamism of the Japanese Oral and Dental Care System
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2016 Volume 37 Pages 101-116


 It has been about 150 years since American dentist’s arriving in japan that became an opportunity of the introduction of the modern dentistry, and more than 50 years has been passed since the estab- lishment of a public health insurance system. Today Japan has become the one of the most excellent countries in socialization of oral and dental care, but has a lot of new problems that is characteristic to modern society. In this study, the author conducts the historical thinking of the modern dentistry in Japan, and attempt to interpret the history from a sociological viewpoint. Apart from oral and dental care, the Meiji Government attached great importance to socialization of medical care science the Meiji Restoration. On the contrary, socialization of oral and dental care brought no public notice at that time, except for Dentist’s license system. Dentistry lagged behind medicine in its socialization, the new program for oral health, including promotion of oral health programs and development of the medical benefit for dental disease in the national health insurance system, had proceeded properly after the post-war years of recovery. From these historical thinking, it has derived that the changes of modern dentistry have a great impact on socialization of dentistry in japan. In each period, a level of socializa- tion, namely, the size and contents of public service and system for oral and dental health, had always continued to change in response to each social situations. Recently there are not a few conflict between stakeholders, and it transform the interrelationship among stakeholders.

 Oral health risk greatly involves safety and security in everyday life. Japanese people take great interest in oral and dental care that is linked to improving quality of life, because Japan adopted a public health insurance system which covers all Japanese people in most oral and dental treatment. There are many controversies surrounding the issue of the socialization of dentistry in modern Japan.

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