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Practical Dietary Calorie Management, Body Weight Control and Energy Expenditure of Diabetic Patients in Short-term Hospitalization
Yasushi NakajimaKazumi SatoMariko SudoMototsugu NagaoToshiko KanoTaro HaradaAkira IshizakiKyoko TanimuraFumitaka OkajimaHideki TamuraHitoshi SugiharaKinsuke TsudaShinichi Oikawa
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2010 年 17 巻 6 号 p. 558-567


Aim: We investigated how dietary management affected body weight (BW) reduction and energy expenditure in obese and normal-weight type 2 diabetic patients.
Methods: Type 2 diabetic patients who were hospitalized for diabetic control (93 men and 51 women) were checked for resting energy expenditure (REE). Subjects were divided into the two groups according to body mass index (BMI): obese (BMI≥25), and normal-weight (BMI <25). Following the recommendations by JDS, JAS and JASSO, ideal body weight was calculated as [IBW=height (m)×height (m)×22 (kg/m2)], and dietary calorie (kcal/day) was determined as 25 kcal/kg IBW.
Results: Dietary calorie intake during hospitalization was similar in both groups. REE was greater in obese than in normal-weight patients. The difference between the calorie intake and energy expenditure (Δcalorie) was -222±26 kcal in obese patients and 69±27 kcal in normal-weight patients. Obese patients therefore had larger BW decreases than normal-weight patients (-171±12 vs. -92±11 g/day, p<0.005). In the obese group, a positive correlation was found between the change of BW and Δcalorie. This correlation remained after adjusting for age, BMI, gender, and respiratory quotient. Serum lipid profiles were significantly improved in both groups.
Conclusion: These diet instructions showed the appropriate calorie restriction depending on the BMI and induced reasonable BW reduction in both obese and normal-weight subjects. The dietary program recommended by JDS, JAS and JASSO is practically useful for BW control and for improving lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetic patients.


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