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Measuring Procedure and Maximal Hyperemia in the Assessment of Fractional Flow Reserve for Superficial Femoral Artery Disease
Norihiro KobayashiKeisuke HiranoMasatsugu NakanoYoshiaki ItoTsuyoshi SakaiHiroshi IshimoriMasahiro YamawakiMotoharu ArakiReiko TsukaharaToshiya Muramatsu
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2016 年 23 巻 1 号 p. 56-66


Aim: The optimal fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurement method for superficial femoral artery (SFA) lesions remains to be established. We clarified the optimal measuring procedure for FFR for SFA lesions and investigated the necessary dose of papaverine for inducing maximal hyperemia in SFA lesions.
Methods: Forty-eight patients with SFA lesions who underwent measurement of peripheral FFR (pFFR: distal mean pressure divided by proximal mean pressure) after endovascular treatment by the contralateral femoral crossover approach were prospectively enrolled. In the pFFR measurement, a guide sheath was placed on top of the common iliac bifurcation and pressure equalization was performed. After advancing the pressure wire distal to the SFA lesion, sequential papaverine administration selectively to the affected common iliac artery was performed.
Results: There were no symptoms, electrocardiogram changes, and significant pressure drops at the guide sheath tip with increasing papaverine dose. pFFR changes following 20, 30, and 40 mg of papaverine were 0.87±0.10, 0.84±0.10, and 0.84±0.10, respectively (P<0.001). Although not significantly different, pFFR decreased more in several patients at 30 mg of papaverine than at 20 mg. The pFFR at 40 mg of papaverine was almost similar to that at 30 mg of papaverine. The necessary papaverine dose was not changed according to sex and number of run-off vessels.
Conclusions: The contralateral femoral crossover approach is useful in FFR measurement for SFA lesions, and maximal hyperemia is induced by 30 mg of papaverine.


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