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Factors Associated with Intima-Media Complex Thickness of the Common Carotid Artery in Japanese Noncardioembolic Stroke Patients with Hyperlipidemia: The J-STARS Echo Study
Shinichi WadaMasatoshi KogaKazunori ToyodaKazuo MinematsuMasahiro YasakaYoji NagaiShiro AokiTomohisa NezuNaohisa HosomiTatsuo KagimuraHideki OrigasaKenji KamiyamaRieko SuzukiToshiho OhtsukiHirofumi MaruyamaKazuo KitagawaShinichiro UchiyamaMasayasu Matsumotoon behalf of the Japan Statin Treatment Against Recurrent Stroke (J-STARS) Echo Study Collaborators
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2018 Volume 25 Issue 4 Pages 359-373


Aims: There may be ethnic differences in carotid atherosclerosis and its contributing factors between Asian and other populations. The purpose of this study was to examine intima-media complex thickness (IMT) of the carotid artery and associated clinical factors in Japanese stroke patients with hyperlipidemia from a cohort of the Japan Statin Treatment Against Recurrent Stroke Echo Study.

Methods: Patients with hyperlipidemia, not on statins, who developed noncardioembolic ischemic stroke were included in this study. Mean IMT and maximum IMT of the distal wall of the common carotid artery were centrally measured using carotid ultrasonography. Significant factors related to mean IMT and maximum IMT were examined using multivariable analysis.

Results: In 793 studied patients, mean IMT was 0.89±0.15 mm and maximum IMT was 1.19±0.32 mm.Age (per 10 years, parameter estimate=0.044, p<0.001), smoking (0.022, p=0.004), category of blood pressure (0.022, p=0.006), HDL cholesterol (per 10 mg/dl, -0.009, p=0.008), and diabetes mellitus (0.033, p=0.010) were independently associated with mean IMT. Age (per 10 years, 0.076, p<0.001), smoking (0.053, p=0.001), HDL cholesterol (-0.016, p=0.036), and diabetes mellitus (0.084, p=0.002) were independently associated with maximum IMT.

Conclusion: Baseline mean and maximum values of carotid IMT in Japanese noncardioembolic stroke patients with hyperlipidemia were 0.89±0.15 mm and 1.19±0.32 mm, respectively, which were similar to those previously reported from Western countries. Age, smoking, hypertension, HDL cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus were associated with mean IMT, and those, except for hypertension, were associated with maximum IMT.

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