Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
Online ISSN : 1880-3873
Print ISSN : 1340-3478
Impact of Gastrectomy on High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Elevation in Nonobese Patients During a 10-Year Follow-up
Shigetsugu TsujiAtsushi NoharaYoshiaki HayashiIsao YoshidaRie OkaTadashi MoriuchiTomomi HagishitaSusumu MiyamotoAyako SuzukiToshihide OkadaMasakazu Yamagishi
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論文ID: 25825


Aim: The role of gastrectomy in glycemic control has been established in the current era of bariatric surgery for obesity. Gastrectomy in obese patients is associated with increased levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C). However, limited data on the effects of gastrectomy in nonobese patients are available. We herein investigated the long-term plasma lipid changes in nonobese patients who had undergone gastrectomy.
Methods: Patients were enrolled as part of routine healthcare examinations from 1984 to 2003. Preoperative and postoperative data from patients who had undergone curative gastrectomy were analyzed for up to 10 years postoperatively. Three age- and sex-matched controls were assigned to each case.
Results: Sixty-four nonobese patients without diabetes mellitus or a history of having taken lipidlowering drugs who underwent curative gastrectomy during the study period were enrolled (60 subtotal gastrectomies, four total gastrectomies). The median follow-up period was 7.6 years. The mean body mass index was 9.6% lower one year after gastrectomy (p<0.01), then plateaued with a slight recovery. Intriguingly, the preoperative HDL-C level was 21% higher one year after gastrectomy (p<0.01), increased by another 30% six years after gastrectomy and remained at this level for the rest of the follow-up period. No significant changes in the HDL-C level were observed in the controls. The degree of HDL-C elevation was consistently significant, irrespective of the baseline triglyceride level, HDL-C level or body weight.
Conclusions: Gastrectomy in nonobese patients was associated with consistent and distinct long-term HDL-C elevations and body mass index reductions.