Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering
Online ISSN : 1880-9863
ISSN-L : 1880-9863
Bioinspired cane design and production using braiding technology
Jiro SAKAMOTOTakanori CHIHARATomonari AZUMAToshiyasu KINARISatoshi KITAYAMAMitsugu KIMIZUHiroyuki HASEBEDaisuke MORI
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: 20-00402


Elderly people often use a cane to walk; it is an important part of their daily life. The cane must be made of a light weight material of high stiffness. In addition, stress relaxation on impact is required to make the cane easy to grasp. All these factors are affected by the shape design. Therefore, an effective shape design considering the stress relaxation on impact load and the weight of the cane is important. Traditionally, straight-type canes are widely used in the market. In this study, a bioinspired shape design methodology is proposed to produce canes. The basis vector method is used, and a multi-objective design optimization for minimizing the total volume and the maximum stress is performed. A sequential approximate optimization is then adopted to determine the Pareto optimal solutions. The superiority of the proposed method over the straight-type cane is confirmed through numerical results. The optimal cane shapes have more than 90% lower impact stress than the straight-type canes. Finally, a prototype of the optimized cane is produced using the braiding technology. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is the selected cane material owing to its light weight and high stiffness.

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