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Journal of Computer Aided Chemistry
Vol. 16 (2015) p. 15-29



We have reviewed chemoinformatics approaches for drug discovery such as aromatic interactions, aromatic clusters, structure generation, virtual screening, de novo design, evolutionary algorithm, inverse-QSPR/QSAR, Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, fragment molecular orbital method and matched molecular pair analysis from the viewpoint of young researchers. We intend to introduce various fields of chemoinformatics for non-expert researchers. The structure of this review is given as follows: 1. Introduction, 2. Analysis of Aromatic Interactions, 2.1 Aromatic Interactions, 2.2 Aromatic Clusters, 3. Ligand Based Structure Generation, 3.1 Virtual Screening, 3.2 De Novo Ligand Design, 3.3 Combinatorial Explosion, 3.4 Inverse-QSPR/QSAR, 4. Trends in Chemoinformatics-Based De Novo Drug Design, 5. Conformational Search Method Using Genetic Crossover for Bimolecular Systems, 6. Interaction Analysis using Fragment Molecular Orbital Method for Drug Discovery, 7. Matched Molecular Pair Analysis and SAR Analysis by Fragment Molecular Orbital Method, 8. Chemoinformatics Approach in Pharmaceutical Processes, 9. Conclusion.

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