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Transcriptome profiling analysis of the response to walnut polyphenol extract in Helicobacter pylori-infected cells
Jong Min ParkYoung Min HanHo Jae LeeSun Jin HwangSeong Jin KimKi Baik Hahm
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2021 Volume 68 Issue 3 Pages 201-214


Dietary intervention to prevent Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)-associated gastric diseases seems to be ideal with no risk of bacterial resistance, safe long-term intervention, and correcting pathogenic mechanisms including rejuvenation of precancerous atrophic gastritis and anti-mutagenesis. A transcriptome as set of all RNAs transcribed by certain tissues or cells demonstrates gene functions and reveals the molecular mechanism of specific biological processes against diseases. Here, we have performed RNAseq and bioinformatic analysis to explain proof of concept that walnut intake can rescue from H. pylori infection and explore unidentified mode of actions of walnut polyphenol extract (WPE). As results, BIRC3, SLC25A4, f3 transcription, VEGFA, AZU1, HMOX1, RAB3A, RELBTNIP1, ETFB, INPP5J, PPME1, RHOB, TPI1, FOSL1, JUND.RELB, KLF2, MUC1, NDRG1, ALDOA, ENO1, PFKP, GPI, GDF15, and NRTN genes were newly discovered to be enriched with WPE, whereas CCR4, BLNK, CCR7, CXCR4, CDO1, KLSG1, SELE, RASGRP2, PIK3R3, TSPAN32, HOXC-AS3, HCG8, BTNL8, and CXCL3 genes as inhibitory targets by WPE in H. pylori infection. We identified additional genes what WPE afforded actions of avoiding H. pylori-driven onco-inflammation and rejuvenating precancerous atrophic gastritis. Conclusively, after applying RNAseq analysis in order to document walnut intake for precision medicine against H. pylori infection, significant transcriptomic profiling applicable for validation were drawn.

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