Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition
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Print ISSN : 0912-0009
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Tryptophan nitration of immunoglobulin light chain as a new possible biomarker for atopic dermatitis
Kyoichi IizumiHiroaki KawasakiAyako ShigenagaMitsutoshi TominagaAyaka OtsuAtsuko KamoYayoi KamataKenji TakamoriFumiyuki Yamakura
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論文ID: 18-53


To reduce the incidence and severity of atopic dermatitis, detection and treatment at an early stage are urgently required, but no effective biomarker has been reported. In this study, we attempted to detect a candidate biomarker of early stage atopic dermatitis by focusing on the levels of nitrated residues in the plasma proteins of atopic dermatitis model mice (NC/Nga mice). We found that the immunoglobulin (Ig) light chain was more highly nitrated in the plasma of the animal model than that of control mice. Western blot analysis showed a statistically significant difference between the 6-nitrotryptophan content of the Ig light chain in the NC/Nga mice before onset of atopic dermatitis symptoms and that of the control mice. LC-ESI-MS/MS analysis demonstrated that these light chains contained nitrotryptophan (Trp56) and nitrotyrosine (Tyr66). Immunofluorescence staining revealed a significant increase in manganese superoxide dismutase and inducible nitric oxide synthase production in the skin lesions of the NC/Nga mice. Furthermore, we found protein-bound 6-nitrotryptophan and 3-nitrotyrosine only in the lesioned skin, where their signals partially overlapped with the IgG signal. Our findings suggest that the 6-nitrotryptophan content of Ig light chains could be a new biomarker for detecting early stage atopic dermatitis.

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