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Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan (日本セラミックス協会学術論文誌)
Vol. 114 (2006) No. 1326 (February) P 147-154




High-quality epitaxial film growth for several complex oxides having layered structure by “Reactive Solid-Phase-Epitaxy (R-SPE1))” is reviewed. Materials focused are InGaO3(ZnO)m (m=integer), LaCuOS and NaxCoO2 (x~0.8). For the epitaxial film growths of the complex systems with a complicated layered crystal structure, it is necessary to form an epitaxial template layer before the film deposition, followed by the thermal annealing of the bilayer films. The layers subsequently deposited on the template layer may be amorphous, polycrystalline or powder, which allows control of the epitaxially grown films in the R-SPE method.

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