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Preparation of Translucent Hydroxyapatite Ceramics by HIP and Their Physical Properties
Masafumi KOBUNEAtsushi MINESHIGESatoshi FUJIIHiromi IIDA
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1997 Volume 105 Issue 1219 Pages 210-213


The translucent and colorless calcium and strontium hydroxyapatite (Ca, Sr)-HAp ceramics with compositions of (Ca10-10xSr10x)(PO4)6(OH)2, where x=0-0.8, were successfully prepared by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). The physical properties of obtained samples with x=0-0.8 were investigated. The lattice constants and hexagonality, c/a, of (Ca, Sr)-HAp samples gradually increased with increasing Sr content and were in good agreement with the data listed in JCPDS cards. The relative density for all samples HIP-treated was in the range of 96.4 to 99.7%. The values of Vickers hardness, HV, for all samples were almost constant in the range 5.5-5.9GPa regardless of the change in x, exhibiting the good approximation to the HV values of natural teeth. From the FE-SEM observations, the obtained samples had almost pore free microstructures consisting of about 1.6-1.9μm HAp grains. Judging from FT-IR measurements, there is the possibility that the (Ca, Sr)-HAp ceramics HIP-treated are applicable to special uses such as optical matched filters.

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