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Pressureless sintering of SiC-coated carbon nanofiber/SiC composites and their properties
Guosheng XUTomohiko YAMAKAMITomohiro YAMAGUCHIMorinobu ENDOSeiichi TARUTAIsao KUBO
ジャーナル フリー

2015 年 123 巻 1439 号 p. 570-575


In this study, in order to improve interfacial strength between CNFs and SiC matrix and to disperse CNFs uniformly in the SiC matrix, using the SiC-coated CNFs which were prepared using SiO2 powder at 1400–1800°C in argon atmosphere, CNFs/SiC composites were fabricated in argon atmosphere under pressureless condition. The non-coated CNFs/SiC and SiC-coated CNFs/SiC composites reached near the full density at 2150°C. The SiC grains and the carbon agglomerates in the composites tended to be finer with an increase in amount of SiC coating on CNFs. The SiC-coated CNFs/SiC composites showed almost the same fracture toughness (4.5–5.0 MPa·m0.5) with the non-coated CNFs/SiC composite. On the other hand, the SiC-coated CNFs/SiC composites showed higher bending strength than the non-coated CNFs/SiC composite, and the bending strength became higher with an increase in amount of SiC coating on CNFs. The maximum bending strength was 551 MPa, which represent a 32% increase compared with that of the non-coated CNFs/SiC composite.

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