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Study of erosion wear behavior of MgO stabilized ZrO2 ceramics due to solid particles impact at elevated temperature
Minghao FANGFengjiao LIULi YINXin MINZhaohui HUANGYangai LIUShusen CHENHaipeng JIXiaowen WUChao TANGFei PENG
キーワード: Zirconia, Erosion, Abrasion, Wear
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2015 年 123 巻 1442 号 p. 933-936


Erosion wear behavior of MgO stabilized ZrO2 (MgSZ) ceramics was studied at elevated temperature by a self-made solid particle impact erosion wear testing apparatus. Volume erosion wear rate of MgSZ ceramics was measured at up to 1400°C with an impact angle of 90°. The effects of erosion temperature on erosion wear behavior and mechanism for different temperature ranges have been discussed. The results indicate that volume erosion wear rate of MgSZ ceramics increased with temperature. Specifically, volume erosion wear rate increased at a rate of 1.87 × 10−4 from room temperature to 600°C, 5.99 × 10−4 from 800 to 1000°C, and tended to be constant from 1000 to 1400°C. Volume erosion wear rate reached its maximum value of 0.60 mm3/g at around 1000°C. The increase in erosion wear rate is related to the decrease in mechanical performance of MgSZ with increasing temperature. When MgSZ ceramics were impacted by corundum particles, the main material removal mechanism was found to be plastic deformation from room temperature to 600°C and crack crisscross leading to flaky exfoliation of material from 1000 to 1400°C. Between 600 and 800°C, a transition region from plastic deformation to flaky exfoliation was found.

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