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ZrO2–TiO2 porous ceramics from particle stabilized wet foam by colloidal processing
Subhasree BHASKARJung Gyu PARKMi Jai LEETae Young LIMIn Sub HANIk Jin KIM
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2016 年 124 巻 1 号 p. 106-110


ZrO2–TiO2 porous ceramics recently has been great interest in the dielectric resonator materials, as well as in the fields of preparation of optical devices, and bio materials. This study reveals an approach for the production of micro porous ceramics consisting of TiO2 and ZrO2 fabricated by colloidal wet processing. ZrO2 particles in the colloidal suspension was partially hydrophobized using propyl gallate as an amphiphile, with a suitable pH range. The different mole ratios of the TiO2 suspension was added to the surface modified ZrO2 suspension. The contact angle was found to be around 75° with the adsorption free energy of 1.8 × 10−11–2.15 × 10−11 J. The Laplace pressure of about 1.48–1.24 mPa was determined corresponding to the wet foam stability of about 76–80%. The microstructure analysis is done after sintering the dried samples for obtaining the porous ceramics.

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