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Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
Vol. 124 (2016) No. 6 (June) p. 730-736



Regular Issue: Full papers

The unipolar fatigue behavior of undoped Li0.06Na0.52K0.42NbO3 (LNKN6-a) and the same compound with additives (LNKN6-b) were observed. Unipolar cycling was performed between room temperature and 150°C under a high unipolar electric field of 4 kV/mm. LNKN6-a fatigued under crack formation throughout the examined temperature range. The switchable polarization 2Pr of LNKN6-a decreased for 20% (=2 µC/cm2) at 150°C. In contrast, mechanical degradation was not observed in LNKN6-b. The switchable polarization 2Pr of LNKN6-b decreased for 15% (=3.2 µC/cm2) at 150°C. It should be noted that at 50°C, fatigue-free behavior was observed for LNKN6-b over at least 106 cycles. The influence of phase transition on this fatigue-free behavior was discussed.

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