Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
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Technical report
Thermal properties of clay-containing nanocomposite films
Hirotaka MAEDATomoya SATOMatthew William ENGLANDAtsushi HOZUMIToshihiro KASUGA
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 125 巻 12 号 p. 919-921


Thermal properties of superhydrophilic nanocomposite films prepared from polyvinylpyrrolidone and aminopropyl-functionalized clay were studied. The films were treated at various relative humidities to absorb water. They showed excellent water-absorption properties and their capacity (amount of water absorbed from the air) was found to be markedly influenced by the relative humidity. Absorbed water into the films led to enhancement of their thermal diffusivity. Due to the large amount of absorbed water by the films after the treatment at 98%, their thermal conductive properties were considerably improved.

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