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Examination on red emission of up-conversion phosphors with Bi-containing host materials
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2019 Volume 127 Issue 6 Pages 409-413


The luminescent center Er3+ doped upconversion (UC) phosphors generally exhibit strong green and weak red emission, however, some UC phosphors with Bi-containing host materials exhibit an intense red emission, or the emission color can change from green to red as the Er3+, Yb3+ concentration increases. This paper examined the relationship between the red UC emission and Bi-containing host materials by comparing the UC emission colors of host materials containing or not containing Bi with different or identical crystal structures. Furthermore, novel UC phosphors Bi2Ti4O11:xEr, yYb and Bi2Sn2O7:xEr, yYb were also synthesized by solid-state reaction method to certify those facts. These UC phosphors exhibit intense red emission with increasing Er, Yb concentrations in the same way as the reported UC phosphors with Bi-containing host materials. Based on the experimental results, it can be thought that energy transfer exists between Bi3+ and luminescence center Er3+, and inferred that non-radiative relaxation (energy-loss) is more easily to occur. Therefore, Er3+ doped UC phosphors with Bi-containing host materials tend to exhibit lower energy red emission than green emission.

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