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Fabrication of gold ruby glasses using solar panel glass cullet
Hiromichi TAKEBEMayuna OKAMOTOKentaro MORI
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2021 Volume 129 Issue 9 Pages 590-593


Gold ruby glasses were fabricated by melt quenching and subsequent isothermal treatment using solar panel glass cullet with B2O3 and Au. In this study, the effect of B2O3 addition on the melt viscosity was evaluated. Moreover, the B2O3 concentration and melting conditions were optimized to prepare homogeneous glass samples at laboratory scale. As a raw material of gold, Au2O3 powder with 0.014 mass % was added into aqua regia via a known dissolution process. The Sb2O3 constituent (∼0.2 mol %) contained in the glass cullet probably played the role of a reducing agent for gold. Homogeneous red glasses were obtained through isothermal treatments at 600–620 °C for ten days.

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