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Development of a Molecular Graphics Program on Sun Workstation (2)
Takeshi UNOShigeru MATUHISAJinbei ZHANGHaruhisa HAYASHIKazushige YAMANAHidehiko NAKANO
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1996 Volume 3 Issue 2 Pages 83-89


The molecular graphic program 'Modrast-E' for Sun workstation was extended in its function. In the cutting function, three different styles of display, that is, ball and stick model clipped by one or two plane (s), clipped space filling model combined with ball and stick model, and space-filling model clipped by cylinder, were newly developed. As to the graphical user interface, Modrast-E was also improved. The atoms which define a cutting plane oran axis of rotation are able to be specified directly by pointing the displayed atom on the screen with the mouse.
This program is available through an anonymous FTP site of The Chemical Software Society Japan. (

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