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SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration
Vol. 1 (2008) No. 5 P 362-367




In 2007 development and assessment of a precise point positioning (PPP) software for land vehicular navigation have been reported. This paper presents one phase of the continued study at NDA for further extension of the software to helicopter navigation. For 3D users, the height-dependent tropospheric delay is a critical factor, and so the sophisticated correction models and parameter estimation strategies have to be investigated to mitigate the delay effect. Since the precise positioning results become available only after the filter convergence and the filter generally converges rather slowly, speeding up the convergence has to be taken into special attention. In this paper we propose some new ideas to cope with this problem, and report the test using GPS helicopter flight data in post-processing. With proposed techniques including the variable Q and pseudo-observation concept, we show that point positioning accuracy at about decimeter level both horizontally and vertically can be achieved with improved convergence within about half an hour. We also show that the use of the high-rate (30-second) satellite clocks rather than the 5-minute clocks further improves positioning accuracy at sub-decimeter level in each 3D coordinate.

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