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SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration
Vol. 7 (2014) No. 6 p. 364-373




A suspension vehicle near rollover is controlled by nonlinear model predictive control method (NMPC), in which the continuation/generalized minimal residual (C/GMRES) is used to solve an optimal control problem in real time. The suspension vehicle near rollover can be represented by a double inverted pendulum with suspension. This kind of double inverted pendulum consists of two pendulums connected together by a nonlinear spring, which represents the axle and the body of the suspension vehicle. The terminal cost is given by a solution to the algebraic Riccati equation to make the tuning process in performance index easier. The input force to make the vehicle tip up is determined based on the surface friction coefficient and the location of the vehicle's center of gravity. The results obtained from simulation indicated that NMPC with C/GMRES could swing up and stabilize the system successfully in real time.

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