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SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration
Vol. 8 (2015) No. 6 p. 380-389




The objective for this article is to control a vehicle that is nearing rollover to return back to its original state using nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC). The continuation/generalized minimal residual (C/GMRES) is used to solve the optimal control problem to make NMPC possible in real-time. A suspension vehicle during rollover is represented by a double inverted pendulum with a nonlinear suspension system. The ground or road surface dynamics must be taken into consideration during the calculation of NMPC to smoothly control the vehicle back to the ground surface. A dissipated spring is used to represent the road surface behavior. The input force to return the vehicle back to its normal state is determined based on the surface friction coefficient and the location of the vehicle's center of gravity. The results obtained from our simulations indicate that NMPC with C/GMRES can swing the vehicle down to the normal position on the ground surface fast or smoothly depending on the problem setup.

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