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Vol. 55 (2013) No. 2 p. 121-127




Quantitative reciprocal-space analyses of magnetic fine structures in magnetic artificial lattices of patterned elements and chiral helimagnets have been performed by means of small-angle electron scattering (SAES) technique. Lorentz deflection due to magnetic moments and Bragg diffraction due to lattice periodicity are simultaneously recorded at an angle of the order of 1×10−6 rad using long-distance camera length more than 100 m. The present SAES technique,together with TEM real-space imaging method such as in-situ Lorentz microscopy, is very powerful in analyzing electromagnetic fields in nano-scaled materials. The existence of both chiral helimagnetic order and chiral soliton lattice in a chiral helimagnet CrNb3S6 has been successfully verified using the present methods.

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