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Journal of Computational Science and Technology
Vol. 1 (2007) No. 1 P 14-21




Innovative thin film technology to realize the finer electric devices needs to understand the atomic level process of film growth and its relationship to the film characterization. In this paper, the long film growth phenomena for a few micro-second order with the short severe collisions by incident particles are analyzed by the proposed hybridized atomistic modeling. This method combined molecular dynamics (MD) with kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) can directly treat two types of events of deposition and diffusion, which have quite different time scales. The solutions suggest that the large incident kinetic energy of deposited atoms compatible to the realistic physical vapor deposition (PVD) impels to fluctuate the equilibrium on Al (111) surface very drastically and affects the atomic level surface morphology. It is found that the faster incident atoms with 1.0×104 m/s can make the smoother surface than those with the velocity of 1.0×103 m/s. This is due to much activated atomic migration, which can be realized only by MD.

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