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Relationship of Dietary and Smoking Habits with Stomach Cancer : A Case-control Study of Stomach Cancer in Saitama, Japan
Yoshiharu HoshiyamaTakafumi Sasaba
キーワード: case-control, diet, smoking, stomach cancer
ジャーナル フリー

1994 年 4 巻 2 号 p. 59-63


Dietary and smoking habits were examined in 66, 707 participants in a mass screening test for stomach cancer in Saitama, Japan. Eighty-eight participants with stomach cancer, diagnosed by barium X-ray examination and histologically verified after endoscopic examination, were compared with the remaining 66, 619 participants, in a case-control study. In a food consumption frequency questionnaire, dietary habits were investigated on the basis of intake of six individual food items : rice, miso soup, boiled fish, pickled vegetables, nuts, and seaweed ; and seven food groups : potatoes, soybean products (except miso soup), fruits, green-yellow vegetables, white vegetables, raw vegetables, and fish/shellfish (all types) ; together with current cigarette smoking status and individual preference for salty foods. There was no substantial association between the risk of stomach cancer and the consumption of any dietary item, except for the consumption of rice (four or more bowls per day, RR=0.2 ; CI : 0.1 to 0.6). Neither was an increase in risk from cigarette smoking found. The risk score assessment revealed no correlation between risk and risk scores. In spite of the limitations of the present study, our findings seem to support the view that the lifestyles of stomach cancer patients found in the mass study were different from those of stomach cancer patients found in hospitals. J Epidemiol, 1994; 4 : 59-63.

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