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Cytological and Bacteriological Observation of Tracheal Aspirates and Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Obtained from Thoroughbred Racehorses with Pneumonia Associated with Transport
Hirotaka ODESeiji HOBOYoshinari KATAYAMAHidekazu NIWAYasushi KUWAMOTOTetsuya YAMANEToru ANZAI
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Keywords: BALF, horse, pneumonia, TA

2007 Volume 18 Issue 4 Pages 161-165


TA and BALF obtained from 44 Thoroughbred racehorses that developed pneumonia after long-distance transportation were examined cytologically and bacteriologically. The percentages of neutrophils in both TA and BALF collected from the same horses at the same time were almost the same and were very high indicating inflammation. Various bacteria, including obligative anaerobius which are categorized as opportunistic pathogens, were isolated from BALF, and the bacteria isolated mainly in the later stages of the clinical course tended to be resistant to cephalotine and gentamicin, which are used as the first choice in the racehorse hospital of JRA where this study was performed.

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