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Assessment of the effect and safety of salacinol in horses
Fumitaka UEDAAtsushi IIDAHitomi SAITOShinobu SEKIAkihito AMAOHirotsugu YAMATE
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2019 Volume 30 Issue 4 Pages 105-111


We report a study that examined the effect and safety of salacinol from Salacia reticulata extract (SRE) for the intestinal microbiota of horses. We administered SRE to healthy horses and evaluated their intestinal microbiota before and after the test period for changes in composition. Horses that received the SRE showed notable differences in intestinal microbiota composition between before and after administration, with a substantial increase in bacteria of the order Lactobacillales at the end of the test period. Moreover, the Firmicutes-to-Bacteroidetes ratio was elevated. Salacinol was administered as a supplement for 28 days. Physiological and blood tests were conducted in the presence of a veterinarian, and a safety assessment was performed. These evaluations revealed no detrimental findings.

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