Journal of Evolving Space Activities
Online ISSN : 2758-1802
Experimental Approach to Make an Evaluation Guideline of Space Usable COTS
Akifumi MARUKoichi SUZUKI
キーワード: COTS, AD/DA, SSD, MEMS, Guideline
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2023 年 1 巻 論文ID: 15


The evaluation guidelines for COTS parts are highly demanded by space craft manufacturers because COTS parts are expected to apply to the space craft due to its advance performance and low cost. The guideline for COTS AD/DA converter which was made based on the results of radiation irradiation experiment of actual COTS AD/DA converters is introduced in this paper. According to the results of experiments, characteristic phenomenon which related to the internal register of recent COTS AD/DA converter was observed during the single event latch-up and transient test. Our guideline suggests the appropriate evaluation methods which consider the effects of such characteristic phenomenon. Following the AD/DA converter, SSD and MEMS are planned to make guideline based on the experimental results of actual device. Also, these will be evaluated focusing on some specific points such as radiation effects or mechanical stress tolerance.

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