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The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology
Vol. 51 (2005) No. 4 P 229-234



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Morphological and chemotaxonomic characterization of actinomycete strain TT2-4T isolated from peat swamp forest soil in Pattaloong Province, Thailand, clearly demonstrated that this strain belongs to the genus Micromonospora. 16S rDNA sequence analysis for the strain supported the assignment of the strain to the genus Micromonospora and the similarity value of sequences between this strain and the closely related species, Micromonospora mirobrigensis was 99.1%, and M. carbonacea and M. matsumotoense were 98.8%. The DNA-DNA hybridization result and some physiological and biochemical properties indicated that strain TT2-4T was distinguished from the phylogenetically closest relatives. Based on these genotypic and phenotypic data, strain TT2-4T merits a new species in the genus Micromonospora and the name Micromonospora siamensis sp. nov. is proposed for the strain. The type strain is strain TT2-4T (=JCM 12769T =PCU 266T =TISTR 1554T).

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