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Development of food grade media for the preparation of Lactobacillus plantarum starter culture
Yuki SawatariTomomi HiranoAtsushi Yokota
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2006 Volume 52 Issue 6 Pages 349-356


Based on MRS medium, two types of food grade (FG) culture media (FG medium I and FG medium II) for the preparation of a concentrated starter culture of Lactobacillus plantarum NRIC 0380 to manufacture a new type of instant Chinese noodle, the fermented instant Chinese noodle, were developed using FG materials. FG medium I, which is for normal static culture, contains table sugar (sucrose), Yeast peptone standard type F, Sunsoft Q-17S (emulsifier), sodium acetate, trisodium citrate and MnSO4·4–5H2O. FG medium II was designed to be used for the pH-controlled jar fermentor culture conditions. Therefore, sodium acetate and trisodium citrate as a buffer to prevent acidification of medium were omitted from FG medium I. When L. plantarum NRIC 0380 was cultured under the pH-controlled jar fermentor culture conditions, the kinetics of growth, sugar consumption and lactic acid production in FG medium II were quite similar to those observed in the Difco Lactobacilli MRS Broth. Furthermore, growths of many lactobacilli strains isolated from various fermented foods in FG medium I were also quite similar to those observed in MRS medium. Therefore, simple and practical FG media for the culture of lactobacilli were successfully established.

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