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Portibacter lacus gen. nov., sp.nov., a new member of the family Saprospiraceae isolated from a saline lake
Jaewoo YoonYoshihide MatsuoHiroaki KasaiAkira Yokota
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2012 年 58 巻 3 号 p. 191-197


A strictly aerobic, Gram-negative, orange-pigmented, rod-shaped, non-motile and chemoheterotrophic bacteria representing a new genus and species, designated YM8-076T, was isolated from lake water collected at a harbor on Lake Notoro, Hokkaido, Japan. Preliminary analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence revealed that the novel isolate could be affiliated with the family Saprospiraceae of the phylum Bacteroidetes and that it showed highest sequence similarity (88.5%) to Haliscomenobacter hydrossis ATCC 27775T. The strain could be differentiated phenotypically from recognized members of the family Saprospiraceae. The G+C content of DNA was 53.7 mol%, MK-7 was the major menaquinone and iso-C15:0, iso-C15:1 and iso-C17:0 3-OH were the major cellular fatty acids. On the basis of polyphasic taxonomic studies, it was concluded that strain YM8-076T represents a new genus and species of the family Saprospiraceae. We propose the name Portibacter lacus gen. nov., sp. nov. for this strain; its type strain is YM8-076T (=KCTC 23747T=NBRC 108769T).

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