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Providencia thailandensis sp. nov., isolated from seafood processing wastewater
Suwannee KhunthongpanPunnanee SumpavapolSomboon Tanasupawat
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2013 年 59 巻 3 号 p. 185-190


The bacterial strain C1112T was isolated from seafood processing wastewater collected from a treatment pond of the seafood factory in Songkhla Province, Thailand. Phylogenetic analysis based on concatenated sequences from the 16S rRNA gene and five housekeeping genes, fusA, lepA, leuS, gyrB and ileS respectively showed that the strain C1112T belonged to the genus Providencia, and share 91.75% similarity with P. stuartii DSM 4539T. DNA-DNA hybridization between the strain C1112T and P. stuartii KCTC 2568T was 48.1% relatedness. Moreover, some results from biochemical properties indicated that the strain C1112T was distinguished from the phylogenetically closest relatives. The major fatty acids of the strain C1112T were C16:0, iso-C15:0, C14:0 and C17:0 cyclo and the DNA G+C content was 41 mol%. Based on the genotypic and phenotypic considerations, it should be classified as a novel species of the genus Providencia for which the name Providencia thailandensis sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is C1112T (= KCTC 23281T =NBRC 106720T).

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