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The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology
Vol. 4 (1958) No. 4 P 272-282



The enzymatic studies and some experiments with intact cells have been made on the biosynthetic pathway of L-ornithine in Micrococcus glutamicus. The pathway thus revealed is as follows: N-Acetylglutamic acid, which is probably formed via glutamic acid, is phosphorylated and reduced to form N-acetylglutamic-γ-semialdehyde. N-Acetylornithine is produced as the result of transamination between N-acetylglutamic-γ-semialdehyde and glutamic acid, and it is then deacetylated by the transfer of its acetyl group to glutamic acid, forming ornithine. The last-mentioned reaction seemed to be catalized by a new transacetylase. The conceivable relationship between these results and the efficient production of ornithine in the mutant of M. glutamicus has been discussed.

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