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Vol. 125 (2016) No. 6 特集号:ジオパークの教育力—教育から学習へ— p. 831-839




 Museum activities in Geoparks are discussed, citing examples at the Mikasa City Museum, Mikasa Geopark, Hokkaido. At the Mikasa City Museum, curators have created a technical verification function for Geopark activities. It is possible to offer content that does not have scientific contradiction and secures the quality of educational and geo-tourism activities. As regional researchers, curators also act as interpreters for citizens, researchers, and local government staff. On the other hand, curators have an opportunity to communicate aspects of their studies to more citizens and tourists by taking part in Geopark activities. These facts suggest that both Geopark and museum activities are able to develop within Geoparks.

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