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Lava Effusion during the March 2018 Activity of Shinmoedake Volcano, Kirishima Volcanic Complex

2018 Volume 127 Issue 3 Pages Cover03_01-Cover03_02


 Following the October 2017 activity, Shinmoedake Volcano, located at the center of the Kirishima Volcanic Complex (southern Kyushu), began erupting on March 1, 2018. From March 6, intermittent vulcanian explosions occurred and lava extruded inside the crater. A pancake-shaped lava dome grew and the edge reached the northwestern crater rim on March 9 (foreground in the photo). Subsequently, the March 10 eruption scattered ballistic clasts up to 1.8 km from the crater. Moreover, the March 25 and April 5 vulcanian explosions produced numerous ballistics and small pyroclastic density currents cascading about 400 m down from the crater rim. The May 14 eruption discharged an ash-fall deposit extending to the Pacific coast of Miyazaki prefecture (> 60 km from the vent). In addition, very small eruptions occurred at Ioyama Volcano (about 5 km northwest of Shinmoedake) on April 19 and 26. Takachihonomine Volcano (speculate peak) and Ohachi crater (frequently erupted before 1923 AD) can be seen in the background of the photograph. This aerial photo was taken with the cooperation of the Asahi Shimbun Company.

(Photograph & Explanation: Yasuo MIYABUCHI; March 9, 2018)

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