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A Study of Weather Records in Inpu-Nenpyo, an Official Historical Document from Tottori, Northwest Coast of Japan
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2018 Volume 127 Issue 4 Pages 553-564


Inpu-Nenpyo is compared to weather diaries. Inpu-Nenpyo, an official historical document from Tottori, northwest coast of Japan, was compiled from 1630 to 1841, and consists of four books. The density of mentions, for example, of “heavy snow” and “drought”, in the document is higher in the second half of the period than in the first. By comparison, many mentions of “heavy snow” are made in the 1810s, and many mentions of “little snow” are made from the late 1720s to the 1750s and in the late 1830s. On the other hand, “drought” is mentioned often in July from the late 1800s to the early 1810s. Comparing the documents and the diaries, it is found that years of “heavy snow” in the Inpu-Nenpyo are consistent with years with many days of snowfall in the diaries and that “drought” correlates with many sunny days; the former are thought to be cold and the latter hot in some cases. However, it is difficult to clarify their relations and to draw conclusions. One reason may be a lack of other historical documents and diaries. Therefore, local public bodies, which often keep them in museums and archives should be encouraged to collate them and make them more accessible to the public.

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