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Relationship between Subduction Styles and Morphology of Forearc Basins
Saneatsu SAITO
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1991 Volume 100 Issue 4 Pages 616-627


Structural characteristics of Recent forearc regions can be divided into three types (shelf type, terrace type, slope type) in terms of the morphology of forearc basins and the topography of basements. The differences in forearc structure seems to correspond with the difference in deformation style of forearc lithospher by subduction. Supply and/or subduction of sediments at trench are secondary factor of forearc deformation. High plate convergence rate leads to widely uplifting of island arc less subsidence of forearc basin (shelf type). Conversely, low plate convergence rate leads to one-sided subsidence of trench side and increasing in undulation of forearc topography (slope type).
Sediments from forearc basin can reconstruct the subsidence rate of forearc basin and the vertical movement of island arc and by use of planktonic microfossils and benthic for eminifera which determine the changes in sedimentation rate and paleobathymetry. Thus, forearc basins are tectonic recorder to estimete the arc evolution and the change in subduction styles.

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