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Groundwater Table Map of Kanto District
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1959 Volume 68 Issue 4 Pages 163-174


The author compiled the groundwater table map of Kanto district, referencing all the studies carried on by himself and others available for this purpose. He also examined various conditions affecting the accuracy of this map and made the accuracy map (Fig. 2), divided into three grades, Excellent, Good and Fair.
The map at 1 : 200, 000 scales and with 5 or 10 meters contour intervals shows the following matters :
1. There is quite difference of the gradient of water table between the upland and the lowland, larger on the upland and less on the lowland.
2. There is remarkable discontinuity of water table to the lowland on the western upland but none on the eastern upland.
3. The phreatic divide besides topographic divide can be distinguished.
4. Suggestions about the existence and the maitainance of perched water on the upland are obtained.
5. Districts of influent seepage and effluent seepage are discerned.
6. Most of lakes on Alluvial plain are furnished by groundwater.
7. Many of the groudwater valleys are found, among these, special attention must be paid to the groundwater valleys which show the older cources of the R. Tone that changed its cource even through historical ages.

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