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The Prognostic Value of IL-8 for Cardiac Events and Restenosis in Patients with Coronary Heart Diseases After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Xiaoyong QiShuren LiJunyong Li
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Volume 44 (2003) Issue 5 Pages 623-632

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The objective of the present study was to investigate the prognostic value of plasma interleukin-8 (IL-8) for adverse cardiac events and restenosis in patients with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). The pre- and post-procedural peak plasma levels of IL-8 and serum C-reactive protein (CRP) were examined by immunoassay, while adverse cardiac events and restenosis within one year follow-up were observed in 134 consecutive patients who underwent PCI. Angiography revealed that 23.88% (32/134) of the patients had adverse cardiac events and 29.41% (35/119) of the patients had restenosis. Preprocedural levels of IL-8 and CRP and post-procedural peak levels of IL-8 in patients with adverse cardiac events were higher than those without adverse cardiac events (all P < 0.05). The incidence of adverse cardiac events increased from 6.67% in the bottom tertile to 31.82% in the top tertile of IL-8 levels (P = 0.001); a similar trend was observed for restenosis from 10% in low tertile to 51.28% in high tertile of IL-8 levels to 51.8% (P = 0.012). The preprocedural levels of IL-8 (RR = 5.539, CI = 1.720-17.887, P = 0.001) and CRP (RR= 2.031, CI = 1.132-2.049, P = 0.003) were the only independent predictors of adverse cardiac events. The post-procedure peak level of IL-8 (RR = 3.766, CI = 2.990-5.904, P = 0.002) and stent length (RR = 1.468, CI = 1.161-2.022, P = 0.021) were the independent predictors of restenosis. The results demonstrate that the release of IL-8 after PCI is a powerful prognostic factor for cardiac events and restenosis. The higher the peak level of post-procedure IL-8, the lower the event-free survival observed.

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