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Practica oto-rhino-laryngologica. Suppl.
Vol. 129 (2010) P 36-40



Festschrift for Professor Kazuo Ishikawa In Honor of 10 Years of Chairmanship, Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Akita University Graduate School of Medicine

We studied clinical services for sleep-related disorders in breathing (SDB) by questionnaires sent to 150 hospitals and clinics in Shiga Prefecture identified through sleep clinic and Shiga hospital referrals. Responses returned by 82 (54.7%) showed that SDB cases 6,448 numbered a year, with 936 new and follow-up 5,370. Of these, 94.3% visited medical institutions in the cities of Otsu or Kusatsu.
Shiga Prefecture has 9 beds for polysomnography (PSG) at 10 facilities. PSG conducted annually numbered 753 with most done in hospitals. PSG and portable sleep monitoring were not done in 3 areas. We estimated the annual number of PSGs in Shiga Prefecture in 2008 to be 53.8/100,000.
All sleep technicians are employed part-time, severely limiting number of split-night, multiple sleep latency, and maintenance wakefulness tests.
In conclusion, SDB treatment in Shiga Prefecture is concentrated at 2 hospitals in Otsu and Kusatsu, and annual PSGs per 100,000 are insufficient. SDB treatment and networks must therefore be built up among home doctors and medical institutions if SDB practice is to improve.

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