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Evaluation of Two-Way Energy System through the Use of PV and EV
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2014 Volume 93 Issue 8 Pages 716-724


After the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, it was necessary to build a new energy system that would enable us to be less dependent on nuclear power, as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions. To accomplish this, it is necessary to consider a new method of energy supply and consumption combined with the promotion of energy conservation and increased the use of natural energy. One example, the energy system through the use of photovoltaic power generation (PV) and electric vehicles (EV) is proposed. However, the conventional system has an issue with increasing DC ⇔AC conversion losses. In this study, the new type of PV and EV combined system which is called “Smart PV and EV system” is proposed. PV generated power is transported by EV in the new system. Therefore, it can be said the two-way energy system. In the new system, Construction location and space PV and battery capacity for EV is optimized for energy consumption of the energy system. Also, a way to cut off the DC ⇔AC conversion loss is proposed. As a result, it is shown that the total utilization efficiency of PV power is improved to above 87%. In addition, the new system economy is improved with improving of total utilization efficiency of PV power.

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