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Study on Desulfurization of Coke Oven Gas by Diluted Ammonia Water
Masaaki KUROKI
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1998 Volume 77 Issue 9 Pages 896-905


Reaction factor β is essential to analyse the performance of gas purification by means of chemical absorption. However, it is very difficult to calculate β which is expressed by complicated functions composed of several factors; order of chemical reaction, rate constant for chemical reaction, equilibrium constant for reaction, diffusivity of solvent gas and so on.
Therefore, simple calculation method for β was studied in this work, and approximate equations were introduced to estimate β by means of H* and H. H* is ordinary Henry's law constant and H is Henry's law constant with chemical reaction.
For HCN-NH3-H2O system, Henry's law constant with chemical reaction was measured by dynamic method. In case of H2S-NH3-H2O and CO2-NH3-H2O systems, constants were calculated based on Van Krevelen's experimental data.

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