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LSI-to-LSI Signal Transmission at 10Gb/s/ch Using Ultra-High Density Optoelectronic Modules
Jun SakaiArihide NodaKaichiro NakanoKatsumi MaedaHisaya TakahashiHideyuki OnoChiemi TanakaTakashi OhtsukaJyunnichi TsuchidaHiroshi YamaguchiHikaru Kouta
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2008 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 223-227


As the signal speed of LSIs increases, so does the need to replace copper interconnects with optical interconnects, especially for high performance computing (HPC) . The LSIs of next-generation HPC have as many as approximately 1, 000 I/O signals, so the optoelectronic module for them has to be small. We developed high-density optoelectronic modules that have 12 channels operating at 10Gbps with a 4.5×4.5-mm substrate that has small electrode pads for mounting optical devices on the side face. We demonstrated 10-Gbps transmission between two prototype LSIs using the optoelectronic modules. 10-Gbps signal was transmitted from an LSI to another LSI through electrical-optical-electrical signal path, and error free operation (BER<1E-12) was achieved.

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