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A Study on the Configuration of the Tsunami Hazard Database for Vessels in the Ports (Part 2) -Application of the Tsunami Making Boundary and the Nonlinear Mooring Model -
Chiaki TSUTSUIMitsuhiro MASUDAKiyokazu MINAMI
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2022 Volume 146 Pages 77-83


Authors have studied “the tsunami hazard database for vessels” to evaluate tsunami damage in Japanese major ports according to certain standards. The MPS method, a type of numerical simulation method was used in order to configure this database in the previous report; however, the simulated tsunami was the steep solitary wave, and the simple linear spring model was used for mooring lines. In this paper, we developed two improved models, “the tsunami making boundary” that generates a simulated tsunami with a long wavelength and “the nonlinear mooring model” that characterizes nonlinearity of mooring lines well. Moreover, breaking criteria for mooring lines in the tsunami hazard database was updated by using the three-dimensional MPS method applying these improved models and it was revealed that these models developed in this study have the usefulness by the comparison with previous models.

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