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Vol. 70 (2006) No. 2 P 200-203



  We have proposed a new creep constitutive equation for Ni-base superalloys with good reproductibility and predictivity of various temperature-stress conditions. In this paper, a direct prediction of creep curves from alloy compositions, structural parameters and temperature-stress condition is reported. For each of testing conditions, 1100°C/137 MPa, 1000°C/245 MPa, 900°C/392 MPa, 10 to 20 kinds of creep curves are fitted, and multi-regression analysis for each parameter of creep constitutive equation are made with gamma-prime composition, lattice misfit, volume fraction. For each parameter of the regression equation obtained from these multi-regression analysis, a regression with temperature is carried out. The result gives a good predictivity for any creep curves, especcialy in interpolation.

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