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Vol. 17 (2005) No. 2 pp. 11-20



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This study aims to find out the development process of Las Vegas and the suburbs of Los Angels through Hollywood film industry. Some findings are follows: 1) Hollywood promoted the growth of those four communities. In the early days most filmmakers regarded Nevada as a convenient backdrop for Westerns. 2) As Hollywood stars used Las Vegas in Nevada for their instant divorces, "Sin City" established the site for fast-divorces as well as the playground 3) Although musical films declined after the mid-1950s, many entertainers could find new jobs at the Las Vegas Strip's hotels. Consequently its resort hotels captured the aura of Hollywood films. 4) Hollywood stars prompted the development of Beverly Hills and Palm Springs. The former is now a fiscally sound city and the latter endures the residential community. 5) In 1923 Walt Disney moved his studio to Hollywood Accompanying him on his move from Kansas City were H. Harman, R. Ising and F. Freleng, who would eventually found the Warner Bros. and MGM animation houses.

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